Welcome to the AEN Module System April 21, 2018  
Please, take your time and browse around the variety of Web site modules available. Together we can fit the proper pieces together!
  Base Web sites include the Home Page Module, Add Pages Module, Site News Module, Events Scheduler Module, Contact Us Module, and Security Suite Module. All of the other modules can be "plugged in" to the base.

In addition to the base modules, we have several modules written exclusively for youth leagues and youth organizations. They are listed below (generally without examples). If there is interest please Contact Us.
There are many different "looks" for the Web site rendering to the public. To get an idea of how these modules can be incorporated into a Web site, please visit our clients page. Some of the youth organization modules can be seen in action when visiting the Babe Ruth Web sites.

The following are modules that can be used on personal or commercial Web sites.

Base Web Site Modules:

Site News Module:

        » View All News Articles
        View by News Article:
        » Test Article 1
                   Posted: 12/04/2013
        » Test Article 2
                   Posted: 12/05/2013
        » Test Article 3
                   Posted: 12/08/2013

Events Scheduler Module:

        » View All Events
        » View Events by Month

Contact Us Module

Security Suite Module

Typical Module Add-ons:

Email Blast Module

Board of Directors Module

Frequently Asked Questions Module

PhotoCenter Module

News Crawler Module

News Typer Module

News Fader Module

Manuals & Training Module

Youth Sports Module Add-ons:

League Divisions Module

League Locator Module

Sponsors Module

Tournaments Module

Manager's Tournament Information Package Module


Pricing Schedule:

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